WM (02/23/1985 / West Palm Beach, FL)

Horror Fiction

Hockey mask down the line
A glove with knives you find

Dripping coming from the stairs
The silence of the night tears

A prank gone askew
A wicked voice bids adieu

A love for the dark nights
Inside the evil fights

Someone forgot the switch
In his mind a fatal glitch

Look behind to find
A shadowy figure entwined

A haunting stare from across the room
The overwhelming feeling of impending doom

Soon you will find
Holes in ones mind

Sanity will tear away again
The confession of a fatal sin

Immortal in the stories told
A hundred thousand copies sold

A story of a madman come back
To haunt those that got off track

Sins payed for sins of the father
Painted in blood, no one bothers

To recall the real story of Calamity Jane
Jack The Ripper, or Jeremiah Lane

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