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Horses Above The Music Strains
(March 28,1987 / )

Horses Above The Music Strains

Pounding hooves, flying manes
Thundering feet, over music strains
A rushing wind, a darkening sky
Horse rush, sending dust rising high

A flash of color, black and white
A crash of bodies, horses in the night
Lightening flashes, thunder rumbles
Across the open prairie, grasses tumble

Past trees, over and through brush
Over rising hills, past plains they rush
Thundering feet, above the music strains
Pounding hooves and flying manes

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Comments (2)

What a beautiful and moving poem. I also am a horse lover and I was deeply moved by your poem. I am a big fan of all of your work and think you have amazing talent! ! Good job, Michelle
Ivy, a vividly powerful and lyrically enthusiastic write with a great ending line! Well done! ! Brian