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Hospital Cures? ? ?
HS (07/06/1960 / bangalore-Karnataka-India)

Hospital Cures? ? ?

Poem By hariharans sundaram

Hospitals are to cure you of your diseases.
The aches, the pains and such kinds
They are to relieve you of concerns
about you, your family kith and kin ||

Hospitals are here to cure you from money
the time, happiness, joy and care
they relieve you of humanity concerns
about the doctor, nurses and the attendants||

The hospitals provide food
and cure your appetite for good
The food is little and very bland
or it is still little and very spicy||
The rooms are but railway bogies small,
narrow and without privacy
The convenience is little and small
but is sure to cost you a fortune||

You earn in your healthy days
and save for the rainy day
Your saving is completely empty
if you go to the hospital even for a day||

Many tests are done after many pricks
keeping you in the hospital for days to weeks
Diagnose they don't for many days
you'll go back home without any improvement||

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Comments (2)

Yah the medical area is a booming business.well written poem hey
I like your style. It's subtle yet strikes a chord and send the message accross very well. Yup, hospitals are like that, well most are^ Preets