NMS (August 7/1979 / Santiago de Cali)

Hospital Desire

at least a bed i will be getting
once i get there, i'm sure

say breakfast and a sloppy lunch
but it's a banquet after you have eaten nothing
and i mean nothing

man, the bed, so soft, and white
for me, for me, for me

and nurses shaking their asses
smiling, giving me tiny pills
them pills make me happy

green washed hallways
badly lit waiting rooms
suffocating chamber music

here i am, man
for a day or two
pinching impossible asses
burning readers digest
shit, what else could one do?

connected to expensive equipment
saving a penny soul
ask not what you can do for your country
but what your taxes can do for you...

machines beep through the night
as i close my eyes
and sink in the heaviest sleep in days

just hoping that tomorrow
i can take a shit again

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