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Hostages Emotionally Blackmailed
(1949 / Fort Smith, AR)

Hostages Emotionally Blackmailed

It started in the Garden of Eve
Where sin split the apple and our family tree
You were only children back then
Things were strained between your dad and me
How could you ever know or comprehend
Time passed, and your dad needed leverage free
Sorry to say, that you were a handy tool
Blackmail is often used in many families
At least ones without God's Golden Rule
Can I release you now~, from being held hostage
You don't wanna know 'the why, ' just as an ostrich
I'm not tossing blame, just trying to give my side
I wanted just to know you, hoping to be a friend
But history does repeat itself more than often
I'd give any thing to change this for a better end
See, whatever's at the top will always come down
Be it apathy, resentment, or unforgiveness, unsound

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