Hot Cup Of Tea

Poem By Scarborough Gypsy

Hot cup of tea
Now that for me would be
Such a luxury
Hot Cup of Tea

Small, tiny sip’s
So as not to burn my lips
Hot Cup of Tea
Oh, how heavenly

Hot Cup of Tea
Is what I can see
But Hot Cup of Tea
Stares back at me

It knows that I can't get it
From where I have just set it
Watch it turning old
From nice and hot to cold
The colour has now paled
Again I know I've failed
Hot Cup of Tea

2003 - It is impossible to drink a hot cup of tea while breast feeding a new borne!

Comments about Hot Cup Of Tea

Thankfully there are microwaves....if you have a chance to get to them, right? Oh, yes, I remember the nights...and we didn't even have microwaves...Poor me!
Wow. I just read this one, and was secretly fearing a certain ending.. I submited something similar (but different) earlier this evening ('lap of luxury') . Great minds think alike, I say with complete sincere-it-tea. Congrats, by the way! -chuck
Gyp's~ How cute! :) I enjoy my cup of tea, so I admire this poem. How frustrating it must have been to not enjoy it to the fullest while still warm though...but you were preoccupied with more important things I suppose. Love this poem :) ~Courtney
CUPPA must be the same in any language - I like coffee, you like tea, but the thought and intent are the same. Linda
Ha ha ha! ! ! Regards, Gina.

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