Hot Dogs And Tacos

I've tried to figure out for so long now
Which I I bark or meow?
Can I play for both teams? that okay?
I can every other day.

It's hard to choose...they both make sense
I can be a switch-hitter...straddle the fence
I can order from both that alright?
Double my chance for a date...on friday night.

Now both are fun...but one is for marryin'
No prob really there...I'm not a 'vagi-narian'
I am taking my time...not acting quickly
Consider me enlightened...not 'strictly-dickly'.

Now girls are softer and they smell much better
But the one for me? ..I still haven't met her
Guys are cute and OMG so persuasive
But the sex is messier and so invasive.

But that's just me...please don't judge
Give me a chance...don't hold a grudge
I'm just a girl... with limited reference
Trying to decide her sexual preference.

by maggie signaigo

Comments (4)

Fun poem.... I enjoyed it. And as to plagiarism, if memory serves me correctly I seem to recall Woody Allen’s' first movie was something he took and just over-dubbed new dialogue. AND he quoted Grocho Marx in “Annie Hall” as well.
I just now got the title - d'oh! ! Anyway, this made me LOL and I get sick to death of overly serious poetry so this was okay by me. As to plagiarism, Shakespeare did that to write Romeo and Juliet so let's get over it. Jeff
maybe you could flip-flop. you could hook up with guys on even dates and girls on the odd. anyway, good poem. and good luck finding yourself. you should have lots of fun along the way. Jake
ummmmmmmm...yeah, I think there are alot of girls playing around this way.......personally I don't get it but, I don't judge. Good luck and I hope you find a nice man someday. Sincerely, Mary