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Hot Lady Wants You, Karla Lloyd

I am not as fresh and young
As you are
But yes, we could spend this night
And many more nights together!
I will love to investigate
everything about you
Your life, your mind, your soul
Your work, your Destiny, your Mission
for which you have come to this earth
And not only your ephemeral body.

Yep, my tongue awaits
your sweetness to relish
I will shower you with kisses
and will gladly let you
do me the same!

Do not delay with this
my Love
By always remaining
thus coldly distant
in my cold neighbourhood
Do come now Home
for a long cherished warm up
And become my own

So our dreams can bear fruit
one by one.

by Tapan

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a well depicted love poem desires and feelings pictured very well - keep it up