Song: The Runaway Bride

Poem By David SmithWhite

I've got a hot rod mercury, a pretty girl that loves me
And a gas tank filled to the brim
Me and my baby gonna see the picture show
We will be taking little brother Tim

We get to the show, the mood is right
I try to hold my baby tight
Says little brother, 'You better think it over'
'I'll be telling moma tonight! '

I say, 'Aw man! ' Then all we do is hold hands
Until she blows in my ear
Now I am thinking little brothers days are numbered
I oughta be leaving him here!

With a fist full of money, we leave him at the carnie
We wear the rubber off of the rims
We keep on looking back as we head on up the hill
Until we see no more of him

Then me and my baby, we park on up the hill
Beneath the full moon and the wind is still
And we love right where we are
Beneath the moon and stars we fire up our hearts

At a quarter past two, I take my baby home
She says, 'You know honey, we ain't supposed to be alone! '
I say, 'Aw man! ' I say, 'Aw damn! '
'I left my baby brother now he's gotta be found! '

I drive up to the carnie, the lights are all out
Except for one clown walking on stilts about
I say, 'Sir, If you don't mind, '
'I'm looking for this little baby brother of mine'

He says, 'Oh yea, I got him in mind! '
'I bet he be the one in that cabin number nine
'With a fist full of money, he got himself a honey'
He be the one doing alright at the carnie tonight! '

I knock on the door, and he steps out
I say, 'Hey little brother, time to head to the house!
He says, 'Oh no! Not tonight!
'I got a fist full of money and I found me a honey! '
'You go on home! '
'I won't tell moma I'm spending your money! '

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