Hot Stuff

Poem By Chantel Braatz

There is someone I like who's
in 12th grade
he's cute he's hott
he never cocks off
his personality is stupid smart
and dumb
but he is still my little sugar plum
he has the cutest name
I could blow up and go to heaven
whenever I hear his name
when I see him I practically faint
to my perfect place
where he is
he likes another girl not me
that breaks my heart
I try really hard to impress him
but like he gives a crap how I look
he has an adorable smile
it makes me laugh
when he talks to me
I want to faint
he does drugs (I think)
but I dont care
he is still my perfect boy
he wears the cutest clothes that are
baggy on him
it shows his boxers
but it's all good.

Comments about Hot Stuff

Dear Chantel Don't Hate. Also it's spelled poem dear. Keep trying I'm sure eventually you'll write someting decent. Regards.

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