Hotel Cafe

The sun will shine
The rain will fall
The people will walk
The traffic will crawl

The clock hands will go round and round
The elevators will go up and down
The children, they will smile
Or they shall frown

I will sit
I will write
I will study the sky
I will not care if there is or isn't Light

The clouds will tower
The rain will spit
The sky will gray
The wind will throw a fit

The aroma of coffee and pastries will rise
The dull paintings will hang on the wall
The guests will show up
And I will study them all

In the Hotel Cafe
The Light will find its way
In the Hotel Cafe
Happiness will find its way
I'll watch them as they do -as they get through
In the Hotel Cafe
Life will find its way
It will find its way

by Natalie Carroll

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