In The Heat Of The Day

The tiger stood and looked ahead,
So hot and near collapse,
But then all fear had all but fled
And gone for good, perhaps...
The water's edge was cool and clear,
Inviting him to test
The wondrous stream that had no peer,
Because it was the best...

His chin was dripping as he strode,
His front legs hid from sight
And suddenly joy overflowed
As he filled with delight...
The sun, the stream, together brought
Enchantment all around,
The kind that chills the fiercest thought,
The kind meant to astound...

To think, cool water has the power
To soothe hot pains away,
The body blossoms like a flower
That greets a brand new day...
Thus tigers find they've strong defence,
Cool waters help them through,
Because such streams are faithful friends,
As fresh as morning dew...

Denis Martindale, copyright, March 2013.

The poem is based on the magnificent painting
by Stephen Gayford called 'In The Heat Of The Day'.

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by Denis Martindale

Comments (4)

Hotel insomnia, wow! ! !
The last two lines -what to say? Perfect! ('Srce mi je ko obješena lauta: č im ga dotakneš, ono odjekne.')
Enjambment? May be... It lacks both rhyme and reason. It is a lesson.. In what is knot poetry.. Crude strings of *sob* imagery (speed tanka time: just a second)
So near it was, I thought For a moment, I was sobbing myself. These lines are such an impeccable example of the true power of enjambment. Many facets can be seen in just one phrase. Fantastic!