Hounds Of Hurts And Sounds Of Silence

Poem By Miroslava Odalovic

Blind blood bound in blasts and bursts
Hundred a hound hunts in hidden hurts
The lip bloom slips the snow's slope embedded
Wept in white whispers time wound and wedded

A hello to hollows is holiness still heard
Beating in the blasts burning in the blood
Shimmering ashes by silent shores ensured
Foes to frightful fight of feverish floods

Ashes wash the wounds wipe away the weeds
By a sky-lark melody down the lily lakes
The sweetest singing in silence sewed seeds
A sewer-seer's secret this melody makes


©Miroslava Odalovic

Comments about Hounds Of Hurts And Sounds Of Silence

I like it especially the last Stanza that stays completly in my head, a great write

5 out of 5
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