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To My Love

Fights we might have
Sorrow we can get
But my love for you
I will never forget
When I close my eyes
It is you I see
Looking at a distance
At some other me
I know you love me
You make it clear everyday
I love you my love
And that will never go away

When it is late
I hear your voice
It murmers inside my head
Making me rejoice
I am happy you are mine
The only person in the world
And when it comes time
It will be your name that is my last word
I love you my love
Now and forever
I love you my love
I want to be with you forever

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A space hopper 'remember them', a trike and a den made from bean cains and old sheets That was our Childhood.No great expence, none needed.Just love of life.Thankyou for the warm reminder.Love Duncan
I had to laugh! This made me think of the British TV program 'Keeping Up Appearances.' Hy Bucket is so ashamed of her family, when they are the only ones who are really happy. How funny. I thought the dustbin was going to go on the neighbor's head. Scarlett
what a cheerfully told poem - and those of us who have brought up kids know how impossible it is to be tidy - but what does it matter if there's love in the home. Well done.
Sylvia, This is fantastic. I loved the way you changed the scene so smoothly from the neighbours house to yours 'they had no kids, but I had quite a few.........'. I really enjoyed this. Well done! Kind regards Always Gyp
Sylvia, I love how you describe your life and family so clearly! Sounds like you live in my neighborhood! What a great memorial of your family! Very sweet. Take care. Sincerely, Mary
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