House Of Bully

House of bully

Speaking dialogues is my arms
-in times I, sit idle as if dumb
-let people nearby speak, talk
-keep busy conversing or others
-speak with another language
-so, I am an-ignored, exempted,
-in that way, they go on speaking

Good or bad what they say
-I absorb as sponge does water
-while I know I learn more

They remain unaware…
-of the wall, mouse in it
-sugar melts inside me
-volcano is tight, sealed
-a bubble in the depths
-strong, as dead wave

As aware as I was of cellar
-in the house, grandma's
-opening underneath
-her simple mattress seat
-and curves, bents for hiding
-can walk in the house of a bully

His bluffs are worthless, no worry
-he can make a mess for fighting
-he makes rink for murder, bloodshed
-he may shout, threaten Kim Jong-un
-he may sell mass of arms to Riyadh
-he may shoot warning shots at Iran
-he may send warplane to Japan
-he may set conditions for Russia

But bully simply is heartless, brainless
-his mouth is ass's ass; bullies fart
-thanks to him all mankind is losing
-take a look at Yemen and south of Saudi
-Africa, and far more, Venezuela, Caracas …
-tell bully to manage his own house, if able!

by Nassy Fesharaki

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