House Of Murder

Rat holes by the kitchen door
And roaches crawling around the floor
Home for cockroach, rat and mouse
Old Dan Nash's little house.

Two hooded thieves the windows broke
And smashed the table made of oak
Pulled up the floor boards, broke the chairs
And ransacked the cupboards and smashed the wares.

But what they came for they did not find
And still with money on their minds
Pushed in the bedroom door of Dan
A very shocked and frightened man.

With blankets pulled above his head
He tried to hide himself in bed
And in his heart did silent pray
That they'd leave him be and go away.

They dragged him from bed hands and feet
And with these words him they did greet
Old man where do you keep your cash?
You will find no money here said Nash.

On retirement pension I must live
And I don't have money to give
You have wrecked my house and caused me pain
But from this break in you will not gain.

Shouted: the taller of the hooded two
For lying we ought to torture you
You've got hidden money we know well
And we'll finish you if you don't tell.

But old Dan Nash quick to reply
Said I'm not a liar and I don't lie
The only money that I possess
Is a ten pound note under the mattress.

Leered: the smaller hood you sly old goat
As from under the mattress he took the ten pound note
There's more money than this around
At least three to four hundred pounds.

The sinned against with silver hair
Stood trembling in his underwear
As one of the thugs from his pocket pulled a knife
Saying old man your money or your life.

He put the knife up to Dan's throat
Saying of what I've said you'd best take note
You've got a choice to make old boy
You tell you live or if not you die.

There's no more money left you are out of luck
All the money I've possessed you've took
But I beg you on my bended knee
Please don't take my life leave that to me.

Into Dan's throat the knife he pushed
And from his wound blood freely gushed
A painful moan and then no more
And Dan Nash died on his bedroom floor.

They took their knife with them and fled
Down pathway that to main road led
And like foxes they crept out of sight
Under the darkened cloak of night.

On looking back time seem to fly
But since then a dozen years gone by
And the murderers live as free men
They remain unpunished for their sin.

No one live in Dan Nash's house
Save for cockroach, rat and mouse
Though some of those who knew the old man swear
That his ghost is still living there.

by Francis Duggan

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