PW (10/01/1970 / Webster, New Hampshire)

House Of The Haunted (2005r)

Once again I've returned,
here I sit watching ghosts.
In the house of the haunted
where I buried the past.

I look down littered hallways,
and hear the yelling.
I walk up cluttered stairs,
and feel past fears.

I sit and remember
all the pain around a table,
I go to the basement
in search of boxed secrets.

I look out in the yard
and remember every inch,
remember every place
that I ever felt pain.

I stare back at the house,
and I can see it burn.
A lifetime of memories
gone up in smoke.

Maybe thats too harsh,
let it suffer as I have.
Leave it to itself
to rot into the ground.

For where is the love,
the happy memories?
Where is the feeling
of family life and smiles?

Oh yeah, he's beside me,
holding onto my hand.
The little unknowing man guides me
through this trip to the past.

He erases memories
with his innocence.
A simple smile from him
gives to me a second chance.

He chases away the ghosts,
imparts new memories to me,
Gives me love and happiness,
and yet causes me new fear.

Now I pray to never return,
never cause in him fear,
Never build for him,
A house of the haunted.

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This is such a powerful poem! I think there are many of us that could use a visit form this little unknowing man. Very nicely written. Sincerely, Mary