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House Party
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House Party

The carpenter ant is an unwelcome guest.
His neighbor, the termite, is also a pest.
The same could be said of the wood-eating louse.
Their plan for a picnic is eating my house!

They hide in the walls where they silently munch.
My counters and cupboards have made a nice lunch.
For dinner, of course, they chewed on my floors.
And then, for dessert, they devoured my doors.

Because of these gluttons, wood-chomping bugs,
My ceiling now sits on my dining room rugs.
My kitchen is down where the cellar should be.
All I have left is my living room key.

The ants and the termites and wood lice have gone.
With my house in their bellies, I guessed they moved on.
And I am left thinking, out here in my tent:
The worst part of all is they never paid rent!

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Now here's a poem you can get your teeth into (If you're a termite or one of his cousins, not a few.) Just when you think it's beyond the call, The silverfish devours your books, poems and all. s