House Sparrows For Them

Not the prettiest of birds but they are widely known
The gray and brown house sparrows have a charm of their own
Introduced by humans to Countries almost Worldwide
Birds who are happy to live near where people reside
Perhaps the World's greatest chirpers they do not have a song
Every day of the year they do chirp all day long
Under house eaves and on shed rafters lined with feathers their straggly nests of hay
Familiar small birds i do hear and do see every day
Familiar in their chirping their claim to bird renown
Is that they are known almost Worldwide in city and village and town
Non migratory they never migrate to Countries far away
Near to where they were born they do like to stay
Happy to live near people they seem almost tame
House sparrows for them it does seem an apt name.

by Francis Duggan

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