House Sparrows The Chirpers

House sparrows the chirpers they are never far
From buildings and human dwellings and where people are
In Spring under house eaves and shed rafters they build their straggly nests of feathers and hay
And from dawn till darkness they chirp all the day
The females dull gray the males gray heads and brown backs and brown on either wing
House sparrows are chirpers not born to sing
Familiar and distinctive and as birds well known
One can say of them they have ways of their own
Introduced in many Countries the house sparrows in Sydney and Melbourne feel as much at home
As the house sparrows of London or Paris or Rome
From where people are they are never far away
In villages, cities and towns they are seen every day
Perhaps the bird World's best chirpers though they do not have a song
In backyards and gardens they chirp all day long.

by Francis Duggan

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