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House Sparrows
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House Sparrows

Poem By Francis Duggan

House Sparrows originally are from Africa despite what some think or say
And they were brought to Australia from England far away
Under eaves or on shed rafters or a small tree they make their untidy nest of hay
And they line it with small feathers and there their tiny spotted eggs they lay.

In the suburban gardens you hear them chirp all day
And though seen as pests by some people the house sparrows here to stay
Though in Western Australia 'tis said they are shot on sight
For to manipulate and control Nature we humans think we have the right.

I love them for their cheekiness of human kind they are not shy
Around the human dwellings from bush to tree they fly
And always you hear them chirping they chirp the whole day long
And though classified as songbirds they are bereft of song.

These small brown African weavers are famous Worldwide
And that they are great survivors of them cannot be denied
By humans introduced around the World and of their ways we know
And the sparrows there before me to everywhere I go.

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