Disgrace - Wicked

Disgrace - wicked couple
Are in bubble
Wicked being the husband
Disgrace wife double.

You are going after perishable
And I know you are under the net
Of Disgrace-Wicked couple
Putting life in miserable.

by Gajanan Mishra

Comments (3)

Finding that what we want, is akin to losing what we wished for. The human heart longs to long.
A beautiful and evocative work, the language is simple and but its meaning is multilayered. My interpretation of this is that its about a person who has found fulfillment in a relationship, but that long term happiness with another has resulted in a feeling of absentees, its always wonderful t dream of achieving something, a promotion, a reward a degree, but sometimes what happens is we forget the importance of the things we have, and when its no longer a dream, it just becomes an everyday thing. That's just my interpretation of this wonderful work
nicely written...beautiful poem...