My Success Is My Wife......

How I have achieved my success
because a woman behind my shadow
She is my ever loving wife and guardian
She made our family strong well
and she is the pillar of our family who hold us all
She take cares of everything without time limit
and put everything in order to make us easy
She has shown us her faith to over come any obstacles
and at the same time any problems dealt with properly
As a mother she never grow old and mould her heart for us with gold
She teach our children well and they learn so well
She blends her love with sincerity and hard to define
She brings us together always to be all in one family.
She always look for the best in us and give us best she had
She is my love and wife where these things abide
and my success was completed when she become my shadow

by Ravi Sathasivam

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I love this piece of art just what I expected
Emily is speaking of heavenly mansions. It reflects her questions regarding her religious views.
Mansions cannot let the tears in, Mansions must exclude the storm! Mansions though larger than houses may not render peace. Thanks poet for the poem.
This is really good poem........
These houses and mansions are dwelling place and only peace can make it a better living place.
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