(10 December 1830 – 15 May 1886 / Amherst / Massachusetts)

The Smell Of Raw Sex

We have made love in this room for hours now,
With the windows closed, and the curtains drawn.
There is an unmistakable odor about this room.
A scent of passion, the scent of a woman in the throes of passion.
The smell of a man going out of his mind over a woman.
The raw smell of sex permeates this room.
The smell of bodily fluids on the bed,
And all over each others bodies.
Mixed in with the smell of the sweat,
Produced by the love making.
It permeates the curtains,
It comes out of the window unit,
It wafts up off the bed,
It is all over the room.
The smell of raw savage sex.
Coming off two spent bodies on the bed,
Tangled obscenely in the last throes of passion.

Don Juan Tenorio

by Don Juan Tenorio

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I love this piece of art just what I expected
Emily is speaking of heavenly mansions. It reflects her questions regarding her religious views.
Mansions cannot let the tears in, Mansions must exclude the storm! Mansions though larger than houses may not render peace. Thanks poet for the poem.
This is really good poem........
These houses and mansions are dwelling place and only peace can make it a better living place.
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