Housework’s such a waste of time
Cleaning all that filth and grime
You scrape and wipe the filthy glass
You shine and polish all the brass

I’d love to have a nice clean pad
But all this work seems very hard
You polish, hoover dust and then
You need to start to clean again

I cannot ever seem to rest
This cleaning’s put me to the test
When I sit down to watch TV
Dust and grime is all I see

Toenail clippings on the floor
Ketchup on the larder door
Dirty tidemark round the tub
All these things to clean and scrub

If I wasn’t such a lazy slob
I’d just get on and do the job
Instead I sit on - my fat butt
Or go out strolling with the mutt

Should I give up and get a life
Or should I be a dutiful wife?
The problem isn’t all that great…
I’ll just sit down and contemplate

copyright Victoria George

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So nice to find a clean poem here on the web! -chuck