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How do you practice what you preach when your feet are turned in the opposite direction.
How do you speak when spoken to when you are the only one speaking.
How do you listen with your mouth or your fist.
How is it that you can hold your love inside and expect others to give you theirs outside.
How do you say no, when what others see is yes.
How do you teach your children when no one can teach you.
How do you worship on Sunday but forget the other six days.
How do you feel without your heart, cry without tears, love without touching, lie without remorse, want forgiveness without forgiving.
How do you see without sight.
How do you hear without ears.
How do you brag with no one bragging but you.
How do you say “be still” when you won’t.
How do you want while denying others.
How do you take without giving.
How do you live without His love, follow without His lead, pray without purpose.
How do you get from here to there without a road map.
How do you live in the “I” without the “we”.
How is it about you when you are not the only one.
How do you run and never walk.
How do you only live for this world.
How do you drive by someone in need and want someone to stop when you are in need.
How do you open without knocking, find without seeking, get without asking.
How do you give advice without taking advice.
How do you reap a good harvest when you plant bad seeds.
When you figure out How, you will then know Why you stand alone.
And your life will have just begun.

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how great this poem is..marvelously penned..well done!