i'm just one person
so how did i change lives then
i'm in a new place now
theres so much nosie, its so loud
i'm not going to school anymore
so my tallent i have to avoid
so many lies have cross the table
so many i should write a fable
in the hospital
they gave me two journals
i'm gonna write my book
there will be so much, you may need a second look
you may not believe
but all of it are things that really happend to me
i have so much to say
and more is created everyday
i can't wait for the day
where i can wake up and say
i am at peace, and i don't have to put up with my family
i will go back one day
but i need to get my life underway
i have a dream
to save people just like me
i've lived a lot of life, although i'm only sixteen
i want to let people know
you don't have to be like them, you always CAN say no...

by playdough person

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soooooo good! ! ! if u write a gonna read it! !
i am REALLY REALLY proud of you