How could you know that he was all talk?
How were you supposed to know
That eventually he’d just walk
Away with your heart in his hands
You sit down defeated
As the hole in your chest
Reminds you of how you were cheated
Out of everything you love
You love him
You realize
As it goes through every one of your limbs
Until the realizations reached even your toes
You stand up
Trying not to feel
Like a newborn pup
Who can’t even stand on its own
You frown at the thought
For all that he put you through
You could have at least fought
Or tried to fight him
Then you realize something
He had no power over you
Until you let him fling
Your control away
You plop back down
And stare at the damp, dark ground
Wondering how you ever let it get this far
And how you can you ever get the lid back on this jar

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Rudyard Kipling


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