RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

How? ? ?

How many heartache's can one bear,
before too many are more than few?
How many tears can one cry,
before all the tears dry and no hurt comes from inside?
How many times can one start over,
with their heart on the line?
How many times can one bear to be pushed and thrown aside?

I've felt so much hurt,
And cried a world-full of tears.
Where hurt no longer has pain,
and pain I no longer feel.

Yet as a woman I long to have that feeling again,
Where you can't wait to see him,
And he wants you always there.

How do you judge when so many times you've been wrong?
How do you know that its worth the risk again,
And worth the effort to fall?

For when it falls apart, the loneliness returns again.
And the empty feeling that love has betrayed you again.

Yet still we crave what we dread.
As though it were a drug deprived from us.
Knowing in some way the outcome may not be worth the high.

How can you be your own worst enemy in this twisted love game we play?
How do we know what rules are good, and which ones were not allowed to play?

How can I want him, and hate myself too,
For knowing that he could hurt me, is tearing me in two.

Still it is a question that will linger in the air,
As love still is a mystery.
How it works is what I'm compelled to share.

He has touched a side of me that I want to share with him,

How will it end?

With with a few tears or two?
Or will I have my heart's desire and love's journey finally through?

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