When you put your clothes on do you ever pause
And stop to think how the cloth was made and ended up as yours
I just put my clothes on, I never stop to think
How the cloth was made at all, I never even blink
I just take for granted that it is available and there
Never thinking of the people who weave the cloth to wear
One day I did stop and thought about the material
That was woven in so many lovely shades
Wondering how the people know how to weave the cloth they made
Who gave them the idea, the idea we still use now
so I stopped and thought about a great many things
Not just cloth or cars or bricks or even wooden rings
Someone must have sent a message, maybe in the day or night
Then I thought about the time no one could read or write
I stood very very still, a frown upon my brow
For I still do not know the answer, I just wonder How

by Marion Cole

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