How can you feel like holding on,
when all of your faith has come & gone?
How do you make the days get better
some days can't even write a letter?
How do you fight for happiness everyday
when it always seems to be taken away?
How do you get over getting so close
to all the people you love the most?
How can all the hurt inside go away
when it feels it gets stronger everyday?
How sometimes can you feel so bad
when there's so much love- but yet some sad?
How do you go on day by day
when the sky above just stays so grey?
How do you get the strength to make things right
and have no more fears especially at night?
How can you deal with so much at a time
work on so much and make it fine?
Well - How can all these feelings change
don't' quite know yet, it feels so strange!

by Christine Gillis

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