how can you love the people how hurt you?
and hate the people who love you?
well these are the questions I ask myself daily
because I loved the person who beat me I wanted her to love me back
but she didn't and I don't think she ever did or will
but now that I have good people in my life
it hurts me because I don't know if they will hurt me
or if they really do love me or
I keep this block wall on
as protection from them
it gets so over whelming and I get so scared
I wish that I could love them back but I don't know what love is
I think it's a person who hit's you and leaves you bruises and marks
but now as I write this I know what love is and it feels good to have
someone care about you and want to protect you someone that stands by your side no matter
what thats what love should be and is

p.s. for my foster dad alex

by leticia starkey

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AWWWWWWWWWW...........................i really don't know how you do it.