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How A Close To A Day You Can Be

I think of you at dawn
When stars begin to fade
When flowers start to open
And kiss the early morning's ray

I think of you at noon
When I watch people burn
Under the flameless sun
When I see their sweat and anger
Steam along with the hot breeze

I think of you at dusk
Specially at dusk
When the orange sky
Weeps goodbye
To the sun
And smiles hello
To the new guest
And his suite

I think of you at night
When blackness embraces light
When people begin to rest their heads
And smile with their tired hearts
Opening them to beloved ones
When eagles stone and birds nest
When gatherings begin
Celebrating life
In twos, threes, and tens
I just watch at my window
Thinking of you
Of what and how you are doing
That you are not thinking of me to
Of how close to a day you can be


by WKE Kamel

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Very beautiful poem WKE. Some very nice images here. Sincerely, Mary