How About You?

Poem By Shelby Marinaro

Verse 1:
Life’s been real tough, I need to talk to you
I’ve been through this before, but now I don’t know what to do
I have the words I wanna say, but they’re trapped inside
I wanna be open with you, but it’s so much easier to hide

Bridge 1:
But eventually this dam will break
And I couldn’t live with making that mistake
So here goes...

Chorus 1:
People are making accusations, it is causing more frustrations
I just don’t know how or what to do, how about you?
People tell me it is alright, I am stressed, I don’t sleep at night,
I just don’t think that I can push through, how about you?

Verse 2:
When I’m with you, my frustrations decrease
Just knowing that you love me, makes all the chaos cease
But I hidden things cause I don’t wanna say something wrong
And it is hurting me, I’ve held this in for too long

Bridge 2:
But eventually this dam will break
And I know losing you would be a mistake

Chorus 2:
I just miss our conversations, even our negotiations
All those hard times that you helped me through, how about you?
I just miss the good times we shared, when we’d laugh and we never cared
Who would see us doing what we’d do, how about you?

Verse 3:
The time of friends last only so long
I want to say this before it is gone
It’s never been easy for me to say what’s on my mind
I’ve kept it hidden hoping it will show itself in time

Bridge 3:
And eventually our time will end
But before it drifts off, I wanna say again

Chorus 3:
I’ll always remember your looks of power, when we’d sit and talk for hours
When we’d paint cause we had nothing better to do, how about you?
I’ll remember when I wanted to die, you lent me your shoulder and just let me cry
And when it was over, I knew our friendship and love was true, how about you?

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Wow- great job! I really hope it becomes famous someday!

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