CS (19-06-1969 / Adelaide - Australia)

How And Why?

How do we let go of a lifetime?
How and when do the memories stop hurting?
These experiences which contain the beginning of a journey
That altered my whole being, giving me belief in myself and in others,
Able to finally see the happiness I thought non-existent.
As we traveled this beautiful pathway together, our lifetime unfolded.
We shared the amazing gift of our first child.
The day he entered our world he gave to us the true meaning,
Of unconditional love, and a whole new meaning of family.
How do we close our eyes to this, and now look the other way?
Family is for life!
I find myself continually asking why?
Why did we become so blinded?
One day the answers might be seen -
When I can open my eyes, and look inside of myself!

June 2003

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Life is full of too many questions. Some we find the answers for, and some we just keep on searching. But they say the answer to everything is in our hearts, we just never look in there. Nice poem Charmaine. Peace.