CS (21.9.97 / Manchester)

How Are You Daddy?

How are you Daddy?
It's been forever since we've spoken
I guess we let this whole time pass,
And now we're completely broken.

Do you miss me the way I wish you would?
I can't imagine you do.
You've never sent cards or letters,
Even though I'm missing you

My past attempts seem to mean nothing,
It's nice to know you care
. And even though you don't know how,
I've always wished you were there

So, how are you daddy?
It's been a while
I miss your laugh
And I've forgotten your smile.

I'm not even gonna ask,
If you've ever missed me
Through the unanswered phone calls
and the time that's passed
The answers I can see.

It's funny how fast the time goes,
But eleven years have come and gone
Maybe you thought I didn't need you,
But you were oh so wrong

How are you daddy?
I hope you're doing well.
'm learning how to deal with the pain,
I think you can probably tell.

Don't ever try to make things right,
They'll never be the same.
In fact if it makes you feel any better,
You can just forget my name.

To you I doubt I even exist,
I don't have a place in your world.
I hope you're doing well daddy
, Love, your little girl.

by Candy Simpson

Comments (2)

You need to go to your dad and suck him because then he would use you like a doll and I would too
So so good not only have you found your voice, but of those around you that have felt the same. Good poem!