How Beautiful The Earth Is Still

How beautiful the Earth is still
To thee–how full of Happiness;
How little fraught with real ill
Or shadowy phantoms of distress;

by Emily Jane Brontë Click to read full poem

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The wonders of the universe! With the muse of the Earth. Thanks for sharing.
Strengthening words for those who suffer and most of us do suffer at one point or another in life. These words encourage us to strive to get through these times so that we will. on the other side, be indeed strong to enjoy the blessings of life and not be consumed by the bitters of life. We do, after all, have a better destination.
Charlotte Brontë wrote 'Never was better stuff penned.' in the manuscript of this poem. Her poem confirms her confession!
Congrats for the poet of the day, you gave a reason to smile and enjoy the earthly life...10
i view Like a young lad here is imagining that which future holds in place for him.comparing his' to his counterparts.nice poetry.
Such nice poem I am pleased after reading it