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How Boomer Ruined Our Hunting Trips
MN (11-08-1970 / )

How Boomer Ruined Our Hunting Trips

For years we have gone hunting.
I've loved sitting next to him in his deer blind
or sitting quietly in my own.

Now that Boomer came into our lives
I see all living animals as having feelings
and I can't stand the thought of hunting.

Boomer is our bassett hound.
He thinks he is human.
I sometimes think so too.

The way he has shown me
that he feels things like we do
has changed me forever.

Now, all I can think of is that
if a dog can feel emotions like we do...
can a deer?

Are they afraid?
Do they know why we are sitting there?
Do they hate me?

I have to explain this to my husband
and pray he understands why
our hunting days together are over.

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ok boomer.................................................
Mary, I know the feeling. I could never hunt, I feel guilty killing insects. Brian
Yes Uriah, but what are you wearing on your feet? Vegetarians can live long lives, it just shows that the body can adapt to extremes but, to give you an idea: Utah looked at the number of people who reached the age of 100. There were about 1400 of them.None was a vegetarian. If you are meticulous with your choice of foods you can do well though. An example which does NOT sup[port my views is Helen and Scott Nearing who became vegetarians, moved to Vermont and farmed organically for the rest of their lives. They both reached 100 plus....(book is in major libraries) . H
Good for you, looking at a beautiful doe eye to eye heart to heart is truly a beautiful feeling, those big brown eyes will touch your heart
I think it's funny how this brought up the 'vegetarian' issue. I could never be a vegetarian....I'm a meat and potatoes gal 100%. The only thing that has changed for me is that I couldn't do the hunting myself now. I hate to say, I'll surely be eating my share of venison this year.... (I know...what a hypocrit!) :) Thanks for the comments!
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