How Boring We Would Be If On Some Things

How boring we would be if on some things we all were the same
If we all spoke in the same language and in sport played and followed the same game
If we were of the same race and of the one breed
How boring we would be yes quite boring indeed

Though if we all were of the one religion and political persuasion this would be to humanity's gain
Why these two are so divisive is beyond me to explain
If we all followed the one political party and the praises of the one god did sing
Then this for humanity would be a good thing

Suppose a perfect Human World to live in it never will be
And if everyone looked at life in the same way as me
We would not have anything to talk of or argue about
And on something great in our lives we would be missing out

Many have their own version of god and of their own heaven and hell
But amongst this do spare a thought for the poor infidel
As he or she are of the damned many religious people do believe
And post bodily death for their godless lives just payment they will receive

But if on everything everybody did agree
How boring as people we all would be
We would not have anything to talk of or to argue about
And on some things that make life interesting we would be missing out.

by Francis Duggan

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