How Boring We

The praises of billionaires and celebrities the masses may sing
But success as is often said is a relative thing
And your idea of a successfully lived life is quite different to mine
We vary in our thinking like the taste of wine
A swimming pool in your backyard and your brand new expensive make of car
Does not tell me anything of the person you are
Your material possessions do not say of you that you are compassionate and kind
And to help one in need of your help that you are readily inclined
You may be looked up to as one of the famous and great
And by the masses seen as one they should celebrate
And though you may well be a hero in their impressionable eyes
That you are self centered and ruthless in your pursuit of success they have failed to realize
But what make most people interesting is that they look at life differently
If we all admired the wealthy and famous how boring we would be.

by Francis Duggan

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