MW (September 14 / Dallas)

How Bout Another?

The noise of alone echoed in my hallow body, vibrating and shaking every limb of limb that made me
-how about another..
My outer skin was smooth like butter against the thin blade of all the sorrows of yesterdays and yesteryears, yesterhours too..
-how about another…
These thoughts that buzzed in my ears like the soft sighs of passing cars, almost unnoticeable, until they too become too close to the surface of my skin
-how about another.
Am I weak to allow such whispers take a hold of my motor skills? I don’t feel a thing, not even the slow crimson droplet that slid seductively along my arm was real. Nothing can be real.
-how about another
I wouldn’t dare to tell anyone of the secrets my friend and I harbor amidst the darkness of the room in which was dimly lit by the saintly candle that flickered pathetically to light my actions into course.
-how about another
‘My dear’, it would say as he let another droplet fall, ‘no one would ever care as much as I do for your sorrows and pains, has anyone ever done a thing to help you? ’
I knew the answer, as well as he. It was that answer that put me where I am now. Nothing seemed real in this setting, the plot was redundant and the dénouement never came.
-how about another
The hallow ness that oxygen whirled around in felt more bearable, the loneliness not so scary…he never let me down.
-and another.
I got used to the stinging effect of the superficial crimson tears, they were no match for the cries inside the filled wallowing self that was only emptied by the blade of my sorrows…the sorrows of yesterdays, yesteryears, and yesterminutes too.

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it's strong, although it needs a little work, the core of this piece is powerful... visit my site you might find something you like, I'll do the same for you...