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How Can A Stream Of Thought On A Page Convey The Essence Of Multi-Dimensional Life?

Because the world
is itself a work of art,
a framework meant
to convey Truth.

When you go
to the movies,
you come away
with the essence
of the movie.

When you're
born on earth,
you have
your seat
in the theater,

and even though
it's a little more complicated
because you're also
an Actor in this movie,

you come away
with a whiff of the Theme,

and you keep
coming back
to the theater
until you've been
in the theater
so long,
you've lost 'yourself'
and become
the essence of the Theme.

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Why hasn't this been commented on more? ? ? You hit the core of the poem right off, then, in delightful progression, carry it in steps to an excellent end...one can say, the only ending it could have! This is marvelous, Max! A difficult concept written in simple words...now, what could be better? Bulgarian judge holds up a 100! xxElysabeth