How Can I Believe You

how can i believe you
believe what you say
you come to me
with a new lie almost everyday

you said your sorry
i wish i could believe
but i dont
all you've done to me is decieve

i trusted you
tell me the truth
i gave you my love
and you MAYBE gave me this awful

i soon will know
if my bodys okay
but then there's my heart
you broke today

you said your sorry
but you werent sincere
you tell me this
then leave me alone in fear

you wouldnt tell me in person
or even over the phone
just a message online
i thought you were grown

at first you didnt even say sorry
was like you were bragging
how can you be like that
knowing that im hurting

you called me names
saying words that are mean
made me the bad person
trying to make your concious clean

if i have this disease
that i caught from you
i will still love and
forgive you

p.s.since this was written i found out im safe

by sandy nobody

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Alawsy play it safe darling sandy, with guys and sex, nice read keep-em comin dave xxx