How Can I Choose

You had your chance and you blew it, You knew what true love was until you didnt have it; How can you keep blaming me for your mistakes? Upset with me because you feel someone has taken your place-
How can i choose?

Playing a game never knew you would lose,
You said i had to make a choice but how could i choose?
For my life i searched for the perfect thought of happiness;
when i meet you i was told you could make it happen-
My question is what happen to it?

The choice between something great compared/contrasted to something i thought was-
love, but it never was!

How can i choose who i want to remain in my life, when i turned to another chapter and this choice of words seems to be right-
Once told 'If i couldn't beat them join them'
Why should one join where they dont belong; just as why stay in a house that's not a home.......

by Queen Taz

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