How Can I Contain This

My worms first bit me,
And I was hungry:
the demand for food levitated.
As the hand agreed with the protest.

Then my teeth willingly greeted everything that came to his way: Junks, Creams, Appetizers, crabs, Meals and drinks.
Consuming on did i care.
And i was closely filled:
Fed with rubbish-junks.

And now the real food is here,
My stomach is not ready to open. My mouth was willing,
But the hands were reluctant.

The meal is beckoning to my eyes, And my throat cursed so much.

But how can i eat, though the meal is here:
already filled with junks.

How can i contain this?
Seeing now that my stomach is filled.

I was hungry as if i will not eat, And now i've eaten and cannot eat.

Even, till now i'm hungry.
Though i'm not hungry.

'Do not be desperate for anything in life, for you'll be filled with junks and when the real meal comes you won't be able to eat any longer'.
17: 28: 12: 11: 45

by Adeyemi Joshua

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