QT (July 23,1989 / Miami, FL)

How Can I Find A Path To Success

Where is the end? when there feels like no beginning!
How can i make the right decision when it feels as if i have no say so, over right from wrong-
Where is the path to success?

How can one have lead way when, you seem trapped in a hole with no
sense of direction; Made mistakes but couldnt find a correction.

Giving up without a doubt would be consider the easy way out, so trapped in a room and i have to dig a hole to find my way out-
Its funny how things turn out because im still in this hole on a journey to a path to success but how can i get there when one is so stressed

Feel of a bullet in my chest-thought to myself i had on a bullet proof vest
but the world lays rested apon my chest, and decisions eating away at whats left

Go ahead and take whats left, but are you satisfied with what you recieved; funny because you beat me when i was in grieve. If you never could beat me when i was at my best it makes you less of a person to take me at my worst

A path to success determines me at my best state....i dont choose a path i rather create!

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