How Can I Forget?

How can I forget?
Moments of togetherness with her
Her Whispering in the ears
My head in her lap
Hand in hand
Walking on the beach
Promising each other
To be together till eternity
Her laughing and giggling
Throwing tantrums
Seeking more attention from me
Sometimes serious, sometimes naughty
Making me wait simply to tease me
If I was late
She cried in vain
When angry would not talk to me
She was the one to telephone to me
Presented flowers, sent letters to me
Wrote love couplets
On the cards she sent to me
Together we were one entity
Till she left me and the world
To be near the almighty
Her memories bring tears in my eyes
Nothing stops my crying
Till the time,
Tears refuse to come outside

by Dr.Rajendra Tela,Nirantar

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