How Can I Judge You Mister

How can i judge you mister your life experience so different to mine
You eat in the high class restaurants and drink expensive wine
And you too have a story of your life for to tell
You are seen as successful for yourself you've done well,
You to me are a stranger by sight you i just know
I've never met you face to face or to you said hello
Though money speaks all languages that is a fact of life
You are a man of seventy with a thirty year old wife,
The young blokes of you jealous they like to run you down
Since your wife is the best looking young woman in the town
With that they have a problem that's life one must suppose
But the wealthy old bloke always can buy the finest rose
And you look well for seventy though your hair is silver gray
And you jog around the parkland for an hour every day.

by Francis Duggan

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