Creating Avenues

Jumping, running, enjoying thoughts scattered like leaves
all through my mind, finding it immensely tantalizing and

Moving into depths of intellectual development through a
relative imagination and innate knowledge, watching as
ideas morph into many inventions.

Medical science and technology being incorporated into
poetry, music and art, living in a positive inner spirit-
ual world filled with peace and serenity.

Nothing from without to mar or bother this poetical intel-
ect, grasping onto mathematical formulas and equations,
developing new ways and methods of doing most everything.

Symbols appearing, creating avenues to continue going for-
ward into deeper dimensions of intellect and imagination,
realizing the vast repertoire this mind has already reached.

Continuing to do so until the day I die, living in recesses
of my photographic mind where every detail, thought and idea
has been recorded, etched forever in this life and the next.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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