How Can It Be

Poem By Thelma Evelyn Jones

As I watch a glorious sunset, I'm amazed, oh how can it be!
When I see the stars in the heavens, I can't comprehend all I see!

The moon, the planets, the Milky Way, the great universe, master planned
The sights, the sounds all around me, designed by a great master hand!

The powerful rushing rivers, the mighty oceans and seas!
Forests, flowers and creatures, the sun and the fragrant breeze!

The raging storms, crashing thunder, and lightning that rends the skies!
Seasons will all of their wonders! The thrill of a new baby's cries!

The songs of birds, all created for beauty in feathered flight!
Wonder of wonders surround me, as sunrise turns darkness to light!

All creations, so awesome, amazes, the wonders and splendors I see!
If creation hold all this glory, how great our creator must be!

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Always Leaving Crisis

Life it seems is a crisis from the day that I was born
I came out flogging and crying on that long ago "who am I" morn!
I clung so tight to my Mama, but soon she sent me away
I heard the school bell ringing! A crisis for me that day!