How Can One

How can one look with hope to the future when the Human World is in a mess
When so many Governments are autocratic their one way to rule is to oppress
Those with the courage to oppose them they cannot face up to the truth
They impose their will upon others a brute will always be a brute.

Even in the most democratic Countries human rights by their Government transgressed
They muzzle free speech amongst the people and weaken their rights to protest
The poor they keep on getting poorer in a widening social divide
And many dependant on welfare their dreams by poverty destroyed.

How can one see a better future when one read in the newspapers every day
Of famous so called role model Footballers behaving in the most horrible way
Accused of the vilest crimes against women though any wrong doing of course they deny
But my sympathy with the complainants on such matters women don't lie.

How can one see hope for the future when Governments of powerful Nations keep abusing their power
When the big bullies are growing more aggressive and before them the weaker must cower
When all we hear of is terror and war on terror and talk of an eye for an eye
And always the innocents suffer and always the innocents die.

by Francis Duggan

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